What have the boys been up to recently in the library?   Updated May 2012
In Kindergarten, we recently finished our unit on gardens centered around Earth Day. We'll finish out the year reading fairy tales and other well-loved classic books.

First graders heard stories from around the world while they were doing their country studies in the classroom. We're now reading  fiction and non-fiction paired books.

Second graders completed their space research utilizing World Book Online. Now, we're reading fractured fairy tales and comparing them to the original stories.

Third grade has been hard at work on their desert animal research. They are finding information in print resources, as well as using the library's databases. 

The fourth graders are working on researching their biographies. They have been learning what makes a good and bad website so that they can make the best decisions when working online.

In Media Literacy, the 5th grade is just wrapping up their Challenge Based Learning project.  The challenge was: How can Town School build and sustain a positive online community? The 5th graders were able to make suggestions to Student Council based on their research and affect positive change for our school!

Sixth graders have had a fantastic year collaborating with children at a school in India. Currently, they are working on the background research needed to write in the voice of a young girl in the middle ages.

As always, we welcome the seventh and eighth grade Literate Writer classes in our library once a week for silent, sustained reading. For 7th and 8th grade 2012 summer reading and assignment, click here.