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Asia and Africa stories in First Grade

posted Apr 29, 2015, 7:29 PM by Julie Alonso   [ updated Apr 29, 2015, 7:29 PM ]
In tandem with the First Grade curriculum's deep dive country studies, the library supports and supplements the boys' understand of world cultures by reading stories that take place all over the continent of the country they are studying.  When the students are learning about China, we read stories that take place all over Asia.  When they are studying Kenya, we read African stories.  This gives the boys a broader cultural spectrum, a geographical overview of nations they are not studying in the classroom, and foundational information they can use to make global connections.

We've started each class by reviewing a map of the continent. With each story we read, we write the title on our map. The boys are then able to see where each story comes from and where the countries are in relation to each other.

Some popular titles from our Asia study:

The Firekeeper's Son (Korea)-- Set in the early 1800s, this is a story about a boy who helps his father light his village's signal fire to communicate with other villages and the king.

Running Shoes (Cambodia)-- A girl obtains a pair of shoes- her only shoes- which allow her to finally make the trek to the only school in her region.

Selvakumar Knew Better (India)-- Here is a true story set during the devastating 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Selvakumar is a dog who saved his boy.

Four Feet, Two Sandals (Pakistan)-- Two girls in a refugee camp in Pakistan each find one sandal in a pile of supplies from relief workers. By becoming friends and sharing, they have their own pair.

Some popular titles from our Africa study:

One Plastic Bag (Gambia)-- The true story of a woman who cleaned up her community and saved animals from consuming dangerous garbage while also creating and selling useful items made of discarded plastic bags.

We're Sailing Down the Nile (Egypt)-- Rhyming story that visits the many archaeologically fascinating treasures along the Nile, from Abu Simbel to the Valley of the Kings to the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Emmanuel's Dream (Ghana)-- The true story of a boy born with one leg whose mother taught him to never beg, to never give up, and to always expect to be treated decently and fairly, which led him to become a nationally respected cyclist who advocates for persons with disabilities.

The Fortune Tellers (Cameroon)-- When an unhappy carpenter visits a fortune teller, he is told exactly what he wants to hear and, through the sly doublespeak of the fortune teller, none of it is untrue! When he is mistaken for the fortune teller, he knows just what to say to fortune seekers.

We All Went on Safari (Tanzania)-- This counting book guides us through encounters with the beautiful wild animals of Serengeti National Park and introduces us to some of their unusual characteristics and behaviors.

All of these books are available for check out at the Town School Library.