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Essential Apps

posted Dec 20, 2012, 2:12 PM by Kim Stuart   [ updated Dec 21, 2012, 5:17 AM by Julie Alonso ]
7th grader Kif is our guest blogger today. He is in our Library Advisory elective class and has some favorite iPad and iPhone apps to share. Thanks Kif!

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to share some essential apps for a new iPad or iPhone.

Yelp (Free, iPad & iPhone) - This is great to find restaurants and anything else in general.
Apps Gone Free (Free, iPad & iPhone) - This gives you daily apps that have gone free for a small amount of time. I highly recommend this one.
Pages ($10, iPad & iPhone) - This is the best word processor for iPad & iPhone.
Flixster (Free, iPad & iPhone) - This gives you movies in theaters and showtimes. You can even buy movie tickets right from the app!
YouTube (Free, iPad & iPhone) - I still can’t figure out why Apple stopped putting this on their devices.
The Google Maps Web App (Not in App Store: See this link for easy install instructions, iPad & iPhone) - Does this really need explanation? Let’s just ask each other if we want cars driving into the ocean.

Parking Mania ($1, iPad & iPhone) - This is a must-have for people that love cars. You drive around in a car and try to park it.
Plants vs Zombies ($1, iPad & iPhone) - I’m sure you’ve heard of this.
Fruit Ninja ($1, iPad & iPhone) - You have to slice fruits and unlock different modes; very fun!
Cube Runner (Free, Only Optimized for iPhone) - This is an action game; you try to navigate yourself through the cubes.
Temple Run (Free, iPad & iPhone) - You are running away, trying to escape the beasts chasing you through a temple.
Sky Burger (Free, Only Optimized for iPhone) - Burger ingredients are falling from the sky; you have to try to make the burger that has been ordered by collecting the right ingredients on your bun.