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First Grade video production

posted May 6, 2016, 11:27 AM by Julie Alonso   [ updated May 11, 2016, 11:07 AM ]
When the First Grade team asked us if we could help them create a video documenting their deep dive study into water conservation, we were more than happy to oblige.  Their PBL unit discussed the California drought and rural Kenya's struggles to access clean, potable water. They had a guest speaker from the San Francisco Water Department, constructed water filters in STEM class with Ms. Boualavong, and worked with their 5th grade buddies creating water carriers for a water walk that allowed them to see what it was like for people around the world who have to carry water long distances.

YouTube Video

I decided to create the video on my iPad rather than on my computer, although of course iMovie is available on both. To create the video, I made sure I was gathering all of my photos and video footage on my iPad.  We recorded most of the video on our Day of Service. Some of that day was spent brainstorming things the first graders had learned about water conservation and water saving tips.

One of the features of iMovie on the iPad that makes it so user-friendly is that, whether you are making a trailer or a movie, templates are available to make your project look polished and professional.  Each theme comes with appropriate music and transitions, which you can choose whether or not to use. For the First Grade video, I used the CNN iReport theme.

For the most part, iMovie is user-friendly and drag-and-drop.  Once I had dragged all of the individual video clips and photos into the timeline, I was able to add additional titles and transitions, audio overdubbing, and subtitles.  I could adjust the volume of the music or narration and the length of the video clips. As librarian, I was very glad for the chance to model adding the final slide of the presentation: the bibliography.

Making the video was great fun! It's always impressive to see classroom PBLs in motion and the students were all excited to be a part of the video and engaged in their learning.  Pulling all of the different clips together and gathering all of the necessary photos and bits of narration together is a bit like a puzzle and allowed me the chance to be creative.  I encourage anyone interested in creating a video to stop by the library for a tutorial or with any questions!

Want us to lend a hand with video production? We're always happy to help!


It always feels good to hear "thank you!"
First Grade, you are more than welcome! Thank you for the Thank You cards!!!