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How much do you know about our library catalog?

posted Dec 16, 2015, 9:49 AM by Julie Alonso   [ updated Dec 16, 2015, 9:51 AM ]
Yesterday, 2nd grade learned more about the library's catalog, Destiny Quest.  In addition to being able to look up books in the catalog, Destiny Quest also has a login feature that allows students to interact with the catalog more deeply, giving the capability to see their account, place books on hold remotely, make lists, and recommend books to friends via the social media MyQuest section of the site.  

Features of Destiny Quest:

Resource Lists--  If you are looking for something to read, you might find a list with suggestions in one of our many resource lists. We have lists of books by topic, genre, and curricular subject, as well as lists of books at reading levels used by Town's Reading program. This is where we have suggested reading lists by grade, too (our version of summer reading lists).

Book records--  When you search for a book on Destiny Quest, you will find the call number, which will help you find it on the shelf, but there is so much more attached to each record!

In addition to finding a blurb about the book, you can also add your own reviews of books in the catalog, put the book on hold, recommend it to your friends, find suggestions for other books you may like, browse the shelf virtually to see what is near this book in the library, and see the TitlePeek page, which collects professional reviews and gives even more information.

My Info--

The My Info bar provides you with information about your own account, including the books you have checked out, what you have on hold, your lists, and books that have been recommended to you.  If your books are overdue, you can renew them right from your computer without having to bring them in to the library. You can also recommend the books you have checked out right from this section by clicking on the book quote icon.


This is the social media section of Destiny Quest. Students can add friends and interact with them on DestinyQuest by recommending books to each other and sending each other book reviews. Click Friends on the sidebar on the left to add people to your network. The Updates and Inbox pages show all your latest recommendations and messages from friends.

So how do you log in to access all of these amazing features?

Once you are on the DestinyQuest homepage (always accessible via our blog's sidebar above), click Login on the top bar: 

Lower School Students: 
User Name:  your last name plus the year you graduate from Town School. Example: Johnson22 (Exceptions for members of same graduating class with same last name. Ask librarian for username in that case.)
Password: tiger1 (Same for all in Lower School. We talked about never logging in as someone else.)

Upper School Students:
Username: Same as portal login.
Password: Same as portal password
Username: Same as portal login.
Password: Same as portal password

Username: FirstName.LastName as it appears in the portal
Password: Same as username.

Have fun exploring the many features of Destiny Quest! As always, be safe and courteous when you are online!