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Kindergarten takes on the 40 Book Challenge!

posted Nov 27, 2017, 8:56 AM by Julie Alonso   [ updated Nov 27, 2017, 12:12 PM ]
This school year, Ms. Stuart launched the 40 Book Challenge in grades Three through Eight. This was very mindfully done to build a culture of reading in the older grades where often students become so busy, readership drops off. The challenge, a personal one and not a contest, where the prize-- an extra spot on one's library account for more books-- simply provides more access to reading, has been popular and visible, not just in the library where we have a display dedicated to the different genres, but also in the Upper School hallway, where teachers spent a day modeling taking part in the challenge, and in various classrooms, where teachers are posting their progress as they work their way through the challenge.

Even the youngest students at Town have heard talk of the challenge and want to participate. In Second Grade, we do a modified version (Reading around the Library), and of course everyone who asks to participate is welcome to do so-- we have a shelf in the library by the 40 Book Challenge display dedicated to the materials (forms and accomplishment stickers). Having said that, we aren't promoting the challenge in K-2 due to the nature of reading at this age. Books are so much shorter for beginning readers, and genres are not as defined. 

Even so, one of our Kindergarten classes was eager to participate and decided to do their own version of the 40 Book Challenge! KA teacher Ms. Calkins switched up the genres to make them more Kindergarten-friendly (no dystopian books in K!). With each new read-aloud, they discuss the different genres and read the books as a class and then each book is added to their list.

Thanks, KA, for taking the initiative in adapting this challenge to our youngest readers! By taking on this challenge as a class and displaying their reading, they are fostering a culture of reading in their classroom.

If you are interested in this challenge but daunted by the genre restrictions, don't be! Switch it up! Make it work for you like KA did. After all, this is a personal challenge. Any reading is good reading!