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Last Sticker!

posted Dec 17, 2013, 1:29 PM by Kim Stuart   [ updated Dec 17, 2013, 3:08 PM by Julie Alonso ]
15,100 books, 7 months (not counting summer), and over 20 volunteers later, we are completely restickered!

What does this mean? It means that our new library organization system is in full effect. We recataloged and relabeled every single book in our library to become more kid- and user-friendly. The very last sticker went on the very last book in our 09 Writing section. But getting to that last book wasn't easy! 

The process started back in January 2013 when we hired an intern to help us undertake this huge project. We knew that the Dewey Decimal system was making us work harder, not smarter. We found that students, parents, and teachers alike located things by memorizing locations instead of noting call numbers, missing many more books that they might enjoy (books that might be placed elsewhere in the library thanks to Dewey). Inspired by the 2013 American Library Association presentation "I Want a Truck Book!", we knew we should make a change. 

And what timing! Our library space was about to be demolished and rebuilt, while the librarians and our books were being split between two temporary campuses. What better time for change than during a year of experimentation and exploration?! With the help of students and our intern Julia Chambers, we adapted the METIS Categorization system to our school, adding categories such as "Scary, Gross, and Weird" and "Law and Order." Instead of numbers, all of our books now have words and pictures on the spine to help our patrons!

And it's working. It's working for the teachers, the volunteers, the librarians, and most importantly the kids. Unsolicited feedback tells us that the kids and parents find the system intuitive. Volunteers reshelve books in half the time, placing the books back on the hands of the students faster. Circulation statistics show that our boys are finding and reading things they've never touched before! 

Finding the time to get those last stickers on those last books while school was in full swing was challenging, but we did it with the help of our tireless volunteer team. Thank you!