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Second Grade Library Class

posted Sep 12, 2017, 4:31 PM by Julie Alonso   [ updated Oct 2, 2017, 8:51 AM by Kim Stuart ]
Wow, we have a lot of phenomenal readers in Second Grade! You may be surprised to see that your reader, who has been making real progress towards chapter books, is bringing home picture books from the Town School Library. Why is that? This year, Second Graders are participating in a library challenge meant to introduce them to a variety of genres that perhaps they haven't read before. We are also hoping that boys begin to understand how the library is organized so that they can feel self-sufficient in the library as they get older.

Reading Around the Library

Today, we talked briefly about how the library is organized by the information you find on the spine of a book. Every book in the library has a  sticker that tells the Call Number (which we describe as the address) of the book. Above the white call number sticker is the category sticker. These two stickers will give information that will help you find a book on the shelf.

Because the library is a big place with many different categories to navigate, we start Second Grade by just choosing books from the Picture Book section (or books spread out on tables, which is a way to continue to offer a variety of reading levels and interests within the "rules" of the challenge). Within this section, there are 22 different genres or topics, ranging from Adventure to World. Each genre/topic has an accompanying sticker at the top of the spine. This year, the Second Grade will have the opportunity to read from different sections of the library. 

For each genre they choose, they will earn the accompanying genre sticker on their library check-out card. As they reach different milestones on their card, different areas of the library open up to them and they earn a new level of access. Of course, all areas of the library (except Young Adult) are open to students before and after school, although earning stickers only happens during class for equity's sake.

The fun part is that they will be exploring different areas of the library and challenging themselves to find a just right book from various genres. After they complete the first row (and earned three different stickers) on their cards, they will be invited to check out from the Early Chapter Book section of the library, so rest assured that if they feel limited in their choices, they will very soon be allowed to check out from an expanded selection of books.

Thank you for your support of the library and your son's reading this year!