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posted May 23, 2013, 9:35 AM by Kim Stuart   [ updated May 23, 2013, 10:18 AM by Julie Alonso ]
It has been 20 days since our last post and a lot has happened! 

We are continuing to weed our old, damaged, out-of-date, and unappealing books. We shipped off 48 boxes of discarded books to Thrift Books who will recycle or reuse them. We finalized our new cataloging schedule with the help of Julia Chambers, our library intern from San Jose State. Julia recataloged over 1,000 books before her last day, which was sadly May 20th (thanks Julia for all your help!). We also purchased and designed some stickers for our new categories. Drumroll they are!: 

We recently have been in full "stickering" mode. We, along with the help of our wonderful parent volunteers, are putting new labels onto each book, along with a category sticker. In our fiction sections, we also have genre stickers. Stickering is a big part of our life now in the library! Take a look: 

Here is our USA section


Here is the Weird, Scary, and Gross section (perhaps the first library in the nation to have this!). 

Fiction sports books

Boxes of stickers!!