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Welcome back to School!

posted Sep 2, 2016, 11:26 AM by Julie Alonso
We are so excited to come back from summer feeling rested and rejuvenated and ready to learn! It's always great to see boys and families back in the library!

This year, Town School for Boys is celebrating the theme "Community is key and it begins with me." We are delighted to provide a community space for reading, researching, relaxing, and reconnecting with friends!

Library reminders: 

Lower School students can have up to 3 books checked out at a time. Upper Schoolers can have as many as 5. Every adult in our community is able to have a library account with check-out privileges. Parents automatically have an account and we can easily make accounts for any other caregiver. 

Students are welcome in the library before and after school. Lower School students may come with an adult after dismissal and 1st-4th graders may come from EDP (Extended Day Program). Upper School students on campus before school may come to the library to read, study, or do homework. After school, Upper School students waiting for pick up must sign in to Study Hall in the library. While we encourage students to do homework during this time, students are also welcome to play non-electronic games.

We see K-2 in the library for class twice per cycle.  During this time, we read stories and check out books.  Sometimes we have digital or information literacy lessons as well.  3rd and 4th graders also have class once a cycle for digital and information literacy lessons.  Sometimes those classes are in the library. Boys in 3rd and 4th grade also have flexibility to visit the library during quiet time in small groups at their teachers' discretion.

In Upper School, Ms. Stuart teaches 5th grade Digital Literacy class to set students up for success with their iPads.  She co-teaches 1 6th grade Humanities class per cycle with Mr. Kyle and Ms. Svirsky, integrating information literacy and research lessons into the Humanities curriculum.

Upper School students are also welcome to visit the library during Extra Help, which occurs on A-F days.