Ebooks and Kindles

The Town School Library has many books available online, readable on any electronic device with a web browser (so almost anything!). A list of ebooks is available here. To access our ebooks, visit our catalog, click Town School for Boys, sign in, and search the word "ebooks."

With parental permission, Kindles can be checked out for 2 weeks and are preloaded with digital content. Students do not have rights to upload new content or access the internet. A list of book titles available on the Kindles is located on the second tab at this link.

If you are interested in checking out a Kindle, please fill out the Town Kindle User Agreement. You can submit it electronically to stuart@townschool or turn in a physical copy to a librarian or the library box at either campus. 

For younger students, TumbleBooks is a collection of picture books online that are accompanied by narration. Kids have the choice of reading independently or listening to the stories read aloud.