Wow! It's already the second month of school!

posted Oct 4, 2012, 4:53 PM by Julie Alonso   [ updated Nov 29, 2012, 7:49 AM ]
The 2012-13 school year is well under way and the boys are enjoying the library in record numbers! We're excited that Kindergarten and First Grade boys can have morning time in the story area with Ms.Shapiro (KA teacher) or Ms.Bicknell (1B teacher) before school.  

What have the boys been up to recently in the library since school started?   

In Kindergarten, we started the year by introducing ourselves in the KA and KB classrooms. There is a lot to learn about the library, so the boys came up for a tour and to hear about library time before we started checking out books. We also decorated book boxes so that the boys can have a special place to keep their library books at home so they don't get lost. Finally, we colored our library cards and heard some stories about libraries and starting school. Now that it is October, we will be getting ready for Halloween and reading fun, spooky stories! The boys are excited to be able to check out books and we are glad to be meeting so many Kindergarten families! Hope to see you next week at our Bedtime Stories event next Wednesday October 10, 5:30-6:30.

First graders heard stories about school and libraries in September. In October, we read lots of great Halloween stories and talk about literary terms such as setting, tone, atmosphere, imagery, mood, etc. We will also create our own Halloween alphabet book after reading several others as models.

Second graders have now learned how to choose books from the shelves responsibly and are free to check out whatever books they want. This is a very exciting and welcome change for them, especially now that they already have a firm grasp of their own interests and favorites. In September, we read books set in schools and libraries. We learned some Spanish words from the books with Latino characters and talked about how not all communities have access to a library like Town's.  

Third grade has been learning about picking "Just Right Books." They are also talking about their favorite books with each other and soon will give formal book talks to share their favorites in class and online. 

The fourth graders are excited about the new library catalog, which allows them to "friend" each other in order to recommend books to one another. They have also learned how to write book reviews that they can post on the new library system. They will be soon starting a "Letter About Literature," which is a letter to their favorite author explaining how and why the book changed them in some way.

In Media Literacy, the fifth grade has started the year talking about netiquette and positive online communities. The boys are working on their behavior pledges, which will be shared on Edmodo, their online community for the class.

Sixth graders are learning about information literacy in the context of their Humanities work. They just started a lesson on plagiarism using Edmodo, and will continue to explore the related topics of paraphrasing and copyright in the next few weeks.

As always, we welcome the seventh and eighth grade Literate Writer classes in our library once a week for silent, sustained reading. The librarians will give monthly book talks to give some ideas for book selection.

What have boys been reading lately?

Our lower school readers have loved the Dino-sports series for years (E FIC WHE). A newer discovery for some has been the nearly wordless Polo series (E FIC FAL).  For readers branching into chapter books, Captain Underpants (J FIC PIL) is a perennial favorite.  Older readers are thrilled with the recent sequels that have been released (Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian (FIC COL); The Mark of Athena (FIC RIO)). The upper schoolers continue to be obsessed with the Cherub series (YA FIC MUC).  Big Nate (FIC PEI) books have also been flying off the shelves by readers of all grade levels. These are a big hit with all the boys waiting for the next Diary of a Wimpy Kid (not much longer now!).

Our library regulars know they can request that we purchase books they're excited about and put themselves on the waiting list for books they're interested in that are checked out.

What are your boys reading?