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Gray Downs '13

posted May 23, 2013, 3:50 PM by Julie Alonso   [ updated May 23, 2013, 3:50 PM ]

Twelve O-clock Tuesday

Boredom was like a cloud in the double-period Literate Writer class, as the students sat typing away at their key boards. One sound stood out from the rest; the pounding of fingers on the keyboard was shocking against the monotonous background. Andy, typing extraordinaire, sat pondering his next epic novel.  Jackson was playing simple, on-line games with his fingers twitching erratically on the arrow keys. Neil sat arguing with the class about politics that nobody understood. Will, typing on his computer, sighed with exasperation, saying, “Shut up” to, Niels. The unconscious and faint sound of the Tsunami drill went off.  To the more astute, this was a subliminal message that there was 20 minutes left of class before we could eat. Michael glanced at the clock from force of habit, and only after looking back to his screen, did he realize that the horn had sounded minutes before the pre-set time. As the horns ululated, others in the class began to realize that this was not a routine event. The pounding of keys stopped. Arguing ceased. The game-over sound emanated from Jackson’s computer. Will removed his puffy down jacket. Mr. de Carion looked up from his papers, and there was an audible snap of his pencil. Flapping wings, violent screeching and streaks of green pass the windows; the parrots of Telegraph Hill were fleeing.

Max rushed to the Magic Eight Ball and asked if he were going to die a horrible death. It answered, “Very likely.” Max, horrified, opened the door to the hallways; they were filled with panicked elementary children. Like a pack of ravenous piranhas, the children devoured him in seconds - teeth ripped into Max’s tender flesh as the children consumed him.  What was left of his skull rolled slowly into our room; this grizzly sight horrified the eighth grade class, freezing them in place. This state only lasted until Miles Fuller ran into the classroom - his well-groomed appearance ruffled.  Miles flew strait into Alex, the California state-champion squash player. Alex attempted to push Miles back, but instead, he felt Miles’ teeth sinking into his bicep. He screamed in pain, “But, I brought Kola!” Michael, a black-belted ninja, clapped his hands over Miles’ ears, and it was only at this point that Miles became calm. However, when Michael removed his hands from Miles’ ears, Miles reacted by assaulting Alex again, severing his jugular vein. Michael responded with a double backflip spin kick, throwing Miles to the ground. Nicholas L. and John, decided that this was the time to dance around Miles, the fallen figure, by smashing his face with school chairs and chanting, “Kill the beast. Cut its throat. Spill its blood.” Nick H., concerned that more devil children could enter through the door, ran over and slammed it shut on the groping fingers of the deranged children.

Niels paced the room, and he was soon to recall the earlier incident when Michael’s hands had blocked Miles’ ears before his death. Sounds did not penetrate his ears, and he had instantly become tranquil. Niels soon realized the Tuesday noon drill horns were still resonating throughout the city. It registered that the constant sound was the key to the children’s cannibalist insanity.  Niels, the conspiracy theorist, immediately assumed that the government was performing tests on the civilian populace. Niels turned to Jackson and asked if any of his fantastical video game experiences could tell us what to do in this improbable situation. Jackson visualized all the games he had played into the wee hours of the morning, and in an instant, he recalled a similar problem within a game he once played. It was a game where there were different sound frequencies going off that made the Avatars go insane and become primal killing machines. The only thing that stopped the effect was when players produced a counteractive sound of their own. Jackson yelled, “I did not believe that my computer game addiction would be of any use, and now it could save us. You have to create a sound that will combine with the horn to render it harmless.” Carion yelled over the noise: “Use my computer and speakers to create the sounds to save all our hides.”

 Andy and Niels were doing the math that would find the correct frequency to counteract the blaring alarm.  

Andy: “Eureka, I’ve got it.”

Niels: “I’m not first.” Tragically Niels died of cardiac arrest.

Andy somewhat saddened by the death of Niels, though he ultimately decided it was for the better, he then took a speaker and attached it to Mr. de Carion’s computer, And walked out the door after setting the frequency to the one he found, doing the math. He was devoured by the children despite the speakers.  

When all hope was lost and tears were flowing, Grayson rose in a trance, and joined the mortals in their suffering.  He spoke and his voice cowed the piteous creature beneath him.

I am the son of Heaven and Earth; Children of god I have descended to your level to bestow upon you knowledge from the past, for I am the Giver. And I am here to tell you that you must never kill a mocking bird for they have done nothing to you, this is wisdom that I must tell you.

Grayson woke from his trance. He sighed when he saw Andy’s work, "if only he learned to add it would have saved him. See here he added five and four to get ten." He then finished the equation and saved the day.