Town Library Classification System

The Town library was previously arranged using the Dewey Decimal system. This system is not developmentally appropriate for elementary school students and many school and youth-serving libraries are switching to a word-based system. 

In our new system, we simplify Dewey by using words in place of decimal numbers. If a student wants to read about baseball, he'll be empowered to find that book on his own: He'll just go to the Sports section. Sub-topics are then shelved alphabetically and listed prominently on the spine of the book. 

Here's a sample of spine labels from the Science section:

Our organization system, based on Metis, arranges our books and resources by topic (For a look at the subtopics of each category, click here. We've strived to build a system that is intuitive and provides for fortuitous browsing. Please give us feedback on your experience, as we'd like to continue to improve the system.):

01 Writing

02 Math

03 Machines and Technology

04 Transportation

05 Science

06 Planet Earth

07 Animals

08 Arts

09 Hobbies

10 Sports

11 All About Me

12 Community and Society

13 USA Studies

14 World Cultures

15 Foreign Languages

16 Traditions

17 Law and Order

18 Scary, Gross, and Weird

19 Fun and Games

20 Graphic Novels and Comics

21 Picture Books

22 Early Fiction

23 Fiction Chapter Books, Poetry, and Short Stories

24 Young Adult

25 Professional and Parenting

26 Audiobooks

27 DVDs

Genres in fiction:  All of our fiction is shelved by genre or topic. Authors' last names are the last word of the call number. 

Picture Books genres and topics:  Adventure, Art, (favorite) Authors, Bedtime, Classic, Dinosaurs, Family, Historical, Humor, Folk, Friendship, Me, Mister, Nature, Pets, Poetry, Rhyming, School, Sports, Wordless, and World.

Early Fiction genres and topics: Adventure, Animals, Fantasy, Horror, Historical, Humor, Mystery, Poetry, Reader, Realistic, Science Fiction, and Sports.

Fiction genres and topics: Adventure, Animals, Classic, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Humor, Mystery, Poetry, Realistic, Science Fiction, Short Stories, Sports, and You Choose.

Young Adult Fiction genres and topics: Adventure, Classic, Dystopian, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Humor, Mystery, Poetry, Realistic, Short Stories, Sports, and Science Fiction.