How do I find a book in the Town School Library?

How do I find a book in the Town School Library?

Step 1: Look for a book on Destiny Quest.
Step 2: Search by title or by topic.
Step 3: Type my search word in the Find bar.
Step 4: Click Go.

Wow - there are 199 results!!!  If none of these look good, click the Next arrow.  Actually, I like that 4th one called Dinosaurs and I can see that it is In the library.  To get more information about the book, click on it.

Right under the picture of the book I can find the Call # of this book, which in this case, is 22 READER DINOSAURS.  This important bit of information leads me to where it is in the Town School Library.

What is a call number?  A call number is the location of a book in a library's organization system.  All libraries are organized by call numbers, even if the organization systems are different. Some libraries use the Dewey Decimal system (like SFPL). Some libraries use the Library of Congress system (like many university libraries). We use a system adapted from METIS (created by the Ethical Culture School in New York).

All Town School Library call numbers start with a number between 01 and 27.  That means there are 27 main categories. Some of the categories are small and only take up one shelf of a book case. Other categories are big and take up many entire bookcases. 

What are the main categories of the Town School Library organizational system?

01 Basic Concepts

02 Math

03 Machines and Technology

04 Transportation

05 Science

06 Planet Earth

07 Animals

08 Arts

09 Writing

10 Hobbies

11 Sports

12 All About Me

13 USA Studies

14 World Cultures

15 Foreign Languages

16 Traditions

17 Law and Order

18 Scary, Gross, and Weird

19 Fun and Games

20 Graphic Novels and Comics

21 Picture Books

22 Early Fiction

23 Fiction Chapter Books, Poetry, and Short Stories

24 Young Adult

25 Professional and Parenting

26 Audiobooks

27 DVDs

For a look at the subtopics of each category, click here. 

Where are these categories located in the Town School Library?  All of the books in categories 01-19 are located in the side room between the two reading classrooms.  Categories 20-23 are located on the low shelves of the main room. Categories 24-27 are located on the high shelves in the main room. All of the material in categories 24-27 are restricted check-out. If you find something on Destiny Quest that has a call number that begins with 24-27, you may need a parent to check it out for you.

Every main category is also broken into sub-categories. Those sub-categories appear as words in the call number.  Using the example 22 READER DINOSAURS, READER is a sub-category of 22, the Early Fiction section. The READER section is very large, so it is further subdivided into the category DINOSAURS. If I were looking for a fiction book, the call number would include the author's last name. The sub-categories are arranged alphabetically on the shelves, with a few exceptions.

Once I know my call number, I can find it in the library. There are signs all around the library that show where the different sections are. I know 22 means it is an Early Fiction book, because I see signs in the library.

The signs in the library are one way to find where I should start looking. Another way is to ask the librarians.  The signs also show the picture that is on the spine label of the books in that section. 

What is a spine label? A spine label is the sticker on the binding of a book. Town School library books all have labels on the spine that give the call number of the book. This information matches what you find in Destiny Quest. The spine label also includes a picture that represents the main category. For the fiction sections of the library (21-24: Picture Books, Early Fiction, Fiction, and YA Fiction), there is an additional sticker at the top of the spine that indicates the genre of the book.

To find 22 READER DINOSAURS, I will go to the 22 Early Fiction bookshelves and find the READER section. DINOSAURS is interfiled alphabetically within that sub-category.

Here are the spine label category stickers that the Town School Library uses in our organization system:

Here are the genre label stickers for fictional stories in categories 21-23:

21 Picture Books:

22 Early Fiction:

23 Fiction: