Digital Literacy

Digital Lives Matter at the Town School Library

In the Fall of 2012, the Town School Library built out a K - 8 Digital Literacy Curriculum, initially adapted from Common Sense Media, in order to help students navigate their digital lives.

Since then, Town has been approved as a Common Sense School for four years running, an honor that recognizes our efforts in teaching digital citizenship to young people and engaging the entire school community in this important discussion. Julie Alonso and Kim Stuart, Town School Librarians, have also been recognized as Common Sense Educators. These acknowledgements demonstrate our school's commitment to creating a culture of digital learning and citizenship.


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Common Sense Tip of the Week

Should You Use Parental Controls?

We all want a little more control, especially over the 24/7 world of digital media our kids can access. But how should we do it, and what's the right balance?

First, it's always best to take a teamwork approach instead of a top-down one: The more we can try to make agreements as a whole family, the better results we'll get. Aside from spot-checking devices, you can use parent controls, which are either embedded right in your device or an app away. Apple's Screen Time has a variety of information and options that can help you set limits, and Google offers a free app called Family Link that you can use to monitor and control some elements of your kid's device use. If and when you decide to use some tech to monitor your kid's tech, it's good to remember that -- in the end -- your relationship with your kid and an ongoing conversation about media balance isthe most powerful tool you have.


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