Digital Literacy

Digital Lives Matter at the Town School Library

In the Fall of 2012, the Town School Library built out a K - 8 Digital Literacy Curriculum, initially adapted from Common Sense Media, in order to help students navigate their digital lives.

Since then, Town has been approved as a Common Sense School for four years running, an honor that recognizes our efforts in teaching digital citizenship to young people and engaging the entire school community in this important discussion. Julie Alonso and Kim Stuart, Town School Librarians, have also been recognized as Common Sense Educators. These acknowledgements demonstrate our school's commitment to creating a culture of digital learning and citizenship.


Scams, Lootboxes, and Skins: How Kids Spend Money Online

Ever lose allowance money trying desperately to win that plastic-bag goldfish from a rigged carnival game? Your kid may be doing the same—only online.

Although there are apps and games that contain purchases for actual content, the money kids spend online sometimes goes toward purely cosmetic items—like "skins" in Fortnite—or to avoid waiting to play the next level. There are also lootboxes, which are unknown items you pay for in the hopes that you'll get something good—so, gambling. Even games like Animal Jam, which is for little kids, has a subscription plan for boxes full of unknown items. And then, of course, there are bad actors who come up with ways to take kids' money with promises of cool stuff. Thankfully, there are ways to control what your kid is purchasing via devices, and the app stores now let you know if there are in-app purchases in the description. Setting expectations ahead of time, giving a game allowance, and avoiding games that include lots of purchases are also ways to curtail the impact on your credit card.

K-8 Overview Digital Literacy Lessons
Thinking About Digital Lives: Prof Growth 3/28/18 and 3/29/18
Library and Educational Technology Skills Matrix
Day 1 - Teaching Kids in Post-Truth World Professional Growth
Upper School Research Expectations for Teachers
Day 2 - Teaching Kids in Post-Truth World Professional Growth