Digital Literacy

Digital Lives Matter at the Town School Library

In the Fall of 2012, the Town School Library built out a K - 8 Digital Literacy Curriculum, initially adapted from Common Sense Media, in order to help students navigate their digital lives.

Since then, Town has been approved as a Common Sense School for four years running, an honor that recognizes our efforts in teaching digital citizenship to young people and engaging the entire school community in this important discussion. Julie Alonso and Kim Stuart, Town School Librarians, have also been recognized as Common Sense Educators. These acknowledgements demonstrate our school's commitment to creating a culture of digital learning and citizenship.


How to Get on the Same Page Around Media Rules

Right now, a lot of us are consuming more media than ever before. Some of us are having to balance kid supervision with working from home. That can lead to conflicts around family media rules. Maybe you've left your spouse in charge of the kids only to find out they've played six straight hours of Fortnite/watched the movie Saw/posted Instagram stories of their sleeping friends/etc. Even within families, ideas about screen use can differ, so it's important to communicate your own.

Discuss your plan for the daily schedule: Will they be watching or playing something? What? For how long? Talk about what's OK so there are no surprises. But if your kid sees or plays something you aren't thrilled about, talk about it: It may actually be an opportunity for a great conversation. If you're not sure whether your most important rules will stick, have a family meeting about your top priorities and create an agreement together that finds a happy medium. A combination of communication and some flexibility will go a long way!

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