Library Information

Town School Library Mission

  • Provide students and their families engaging, appealing, and enriching materials that foster the joy of reading.
  • Support teachers and classrooms through collaboration and supplementation of curricular materials.
  • Model and teach best practices of digital and information literacy.
  • Develop students’ skills in finding, evaluating, creating, and sharing information so they grow as digital and information literate citizens.


Phone: (415) 746-1127

Email: library(at)

Director of Library Services: Kim Stuart, stuart(at)

Librarian: Julie Alonso, alonso(at)


The library is open 7:30 - 3:30 everyday and closed for lunch from 12:30 - 1:00.


  • Each student, parent, and Town staff member has a library account.
  • Lower School students are allowed 3 books on their library account at a time. Books are due back after 3 weeks.
  • Upper School students are allowed 5 books on their library account at a time. Books are due after 4 weeks.
  • Parents and regular caregivers are allowed 25 books on their library account at a time. Books are due after 4 weeks.
  • Town employees are allowed 100 books on their library account at at time. Books are due after 2 months.
  • Books can be placed on hold if the user has reached the maximum amount of books checked out.
  • The Town School Library does not charge fines for overdue books.
  • Students with an overdue book or books may not check out additional books until the overdue items are returned.
  • If an item is damaged or lost, it should be replaced.


In 2014 the Town School Library moved to a more intuitive organization system for our young users by simplifying the Dewey Decimal System. You can find this system here. We recataloged and relabeled our 15,000+ books with eye-catching stickers using this new system based on Metis from the Ethical Culture School in NYC.

In the nonfiction section we use words in place of decimal numbers. Sub-topics are shelved alphabetically and listed prominently on the spine of the book. Fiction is shelved by genre or topic. Authors' last names are the last word of the call number.

The Town School Library Classification System has been a great success, empowering users, young and old, to easily find books in our library.

(Click here to see the entire Town School Library Classification System. We've strived to build a system that is intuitive and provides for fortuitous browsing. Please give us feedback on your experience, as we'd like to continue to improve the system.)


OVERDRIVE: We have access to OverDrive, an online collection of thousands of ebooks! Our OverDrive collection is located on When signing into the website, choose Town School for Boys from the dropdown menu and sign in using your Destiny Quest/Follett login.

You also can download the OverDrive app. Search for Town School in the OverDrive app, and there will be a few steps before being able to browse your digital collection. Help with these steps (depending on the device being used) can be found here.

KINDLE: With parent permission, Kindles can be checked out for 2 weeks and are preloaded with digital content. Students do not have rights to upload new content or access the internet. A list of book titles available on the Kindles is located on here.

If you are interested in checking out a Kindle, please fill out the Town Kindle User Agreement. Submit it electronically to library@townschool or turn in a physical copy to a librarian or the library box.


  • All students are welcome to visit the library during the day with permission from their teachers.
  • Lower School students visit the library in their free time before school and after school with the Extended Day Program (EDP) or an adult caregiver. (K students must have an adult caregiver with them in the morning)
  • Upper School students visit during recess, Academic Choice Time (ACT), and after school Study Hall.
  • Teachers visit the library with their class for research lessons as needed. They also use the library to work, collaborate, and gather resources.
  • Families and caregivers visit the library anytime.
  • Parent volunteers reshelve books and help with various library projects.
  • Grades K-2 attend a library class twice a cycle. Lessons focus on sharing stories, learning how to use the library, and checking out library books.
  • Grades 3 and 4 have a hybrid library/digital literacy class once a cycle. Lessons focus on internet safety, digital citizenship, research, and selecting “Just Right Books.”
  • Grade 5 attends Digital Literacy class once a cycle. Lessons focus on internet safety, digital citizenship, digital media and communications tools, and the effective and efficient use of digital resources.
  • Grade 6 Humanities hosts an Digital Literacy class once a cycle. This class is designed to integrate students’ developing information literacy skills with their study of Humanities.