Past Projects with 6th

Research Resources for Past Projects

Below are research resources used for past projects in grade 6. Links might not updated on older projects. The librarians are happy to collaborate with teachers to create updated lessons, resource lists, and materials. 

All research in grades 5 - 8 should be documented in a works cited or bibliography using MyBib

Upper School Research Expectations for Teachers

Upper School Research Expectation for Teachers

Resources for Medieval West Africa

6th - Medieval West Africa Resources

6th - Four Moves to Truth

6th Humanities - Four Moves to Truth

Making Kiva Ads 2017 - 2018

6th Math - Making Kiva Ads 2017 - 2018

Stand Up 08 Topics

6th Humanities - Topics for Stand Up Unit

6th Roll of Thunder Web Exploration

6th Humanities - Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Web Exploration